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Top 10 - British Pastimes

What are some of Britain’s top pastimes? Check out our Footage Archive for plenty more contenders!

The Vienna Fearleaders

Vienna Fearleaders all male cheerleading squad are the cheerleading squad of the Vienna Rollergirls Roller Derby team


Car Jumping Championship

Car Jumping – maximum points are achieved for height, rotation and style and of course spectator applause!

Horse Back Archery

Horseback archery is the latest equestrian sport to come to the UK; imported from Hungary and Germany

Supertanker School

Maritime academy trains skippers to pilot the largest ships on the high seas, tankers and large container ships in model boats!


Cheese Making Process

The cheese-making process from processing, production to plate.


Friendly Fox

Cropper is the perfect pet – friendly, loyal and he likes a cuddle. Cropper is no typical man’s Best Friend, but a wild-born fox


Caravan Grand Prix

Big thrills banger racing caravans! Only for the brave.


World Circular Chess Championship

Circular chess is a chess variant played using the standard set of pieces on a circular board consisting of four rings, each of sixteen squares.